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About the Band

Toxic Energy is a punk rock band from Anaheim calif. 5 guys who all share the same interest in a wide variety of music & tapping into all genres of music! TE has been able to control their own destiny with hard work, dedication and integrity.

Striving hard to put out a good product and staying true to ourselves by keeping it real & staying in the TE lane. We have a bond that is unexplainable.

We have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Punk rock.

Our goal is to write the best music we can and welcome everyone into the TE family. There are no stop signs in from of us. We don’t think about the past we continuously think about the future and what’s next. 


Toxic Energy is made up of 

Brian Jones bass & vocals 

Chris McBride guitar.

Brent Waterworth guitar & vocals 

Rodney Peralta Drums 

Greg Dickson lead vocals & some guitars

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